A Pair of Plump Lemons

Following my presentation of lemon succade in court at Barleycorn, I knew I would have to find a different type of citrus for our next encounter.

A search online turned up a number of vendors with round pillows or seat cushions that were screen-printed to look like giant slices of fruit, and indeed several of the offerings included lemon designs.

Having procured two such cushions, I ferried them to Bear’s Inn this weekend inside a large sack, and stashed them out of the way until our provincial court was almost finished. When I removed the herald’s tabard and begged the vicereines’ indulgence for a moment of personal business, they quickly guessed what was up, and called for the baronesses of An Dubhaigeainn to join them in court as witnesses.

(For context, the ostensible trigger for my current quest was my light-hearted attempt in this same hall a year and a half ago to sell the canton of Lions End to our neighbors in An Dubh — or at least an invitation for them to put a bid in for it — which the sisters had immediately reported to the vicereines, landing me in some in-game hot water, and prompting the assignment of a quest for a perfect lemon that would be my restitution.)

In due course, the lemons were presented and accepted, but judged and found wanting, and following a few amusing exchanges I was released with a promise to continue my quest.

Inspection of the lemons. (Photograph courtesy of Kira Zimmer.)

As usual, I rehearsed some words for the presentation; I’m sure I mangled some of this in the heat of the moment, and my recollection of the words used by others is only a paraphrase, but I believe the following captures a bit of the flavor:

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