Resume for Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin

[Having posted Piglet’s resume earlier, I figured I should follow suit and share my own. I’d be glad to discuss any of this experience during Sunday’s “Meet the Viceregal Candidates Night” discussion — I look forward to seeing you there!]

Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin

simple phonetics Mah-huwan wa Ru-ahn
mka Matthew Simon Ryan Cavalletto

After five years of casual Pennsic attendance, I got serious about the SCA in 2016 and have since been very active at local events and in the College of Arms, the Marshalate, the Webministry, and the Seneschalate, at the Canton, Province, Kingdom, and Society level. 

Building on that experience, I am now seeking an opportunity to serve the populace in a new position that benefits the Crown Province, the East Kingdom, and our Society at large.

Officer Positions

Whyt Whey Seneschal July 2021–January 2022

  • Stepped up to avoid branch being placed in abeyance when previous officer moved away.
  • Organized small in-person events and handled pandemic-era paperwork for local practice.

East Kingdom Deputy Earl Marshal of Youth Combat August 2020–Ongoing

East Kingdom First Deputy for Youth Combat October 2019–August 2020

  • Established safety procedures for conducting practices and tournaments during pandemic.
  • Maintained staff roster, encouraged marshals to renew paperwork, and reported to Society.

East Kingdom Elmet Herald August 2018–Ongoing

  • Organized video conferences for heralds to get hands-on training and connect with peers.
  • Created and moderated social media channel for announcements and community building.
  • Organized two local symposia on the basics of book heraldry to train those new to the field.
  • Taught classes on names and armory at local events to educate the populace at large.

College of Arms Deputy to the Morsulus Herald August 2018–Ongoing

  • Mastered the software that powers the Society’s Ordinary and Armorial, then improved it. 
  • Researched and documented the four-decade history of the Society’s heraldic databases.

Østgarðr Deputy Webminister December 2017–August 2021

  • Automated cross-posting from WordPress to our mailing list to keep populace informed.
  • Took the lead as acting Webminister after officer moved away until replacement was found.

Østgarðr Herald December 2017–December 2019

  • Served as the voice of the Viceregents of Østgarðr at court for local and kingdom events.
  • Managed the docket, coordinated scrolls, delivered schtick, and engaged in shenanigans.

East Kingdom Southern Region Deputy for Youth Combat December 2017–October 2019

  • Coordinated regional marshals and reports; began training new marshals.
  • Assisted leadership of marshalate with updates to Kingdom handbook of youth combat.

East Kingdom Webminister for Youth Combat October 2017–November 2019

  • Migrated the decade-old static HTML website to WordPress and refreshed its content.
  • Assisted Kingdom Webministry with website redesign and documentation for local officers.

Østgarðr Youth Combat Marshal February 2017–December 2021

Whyt Whey Youth Combat Marshal August 2016–July 2021

  • Marshaled youth fighters at over two dozen regional events, and daily at four Pennsic wars.

Whyt Whey Herald August 2016–December 2017

  • Led the canton’s effort to design and register new branch arms and a populace badge. 
  • Assisted populace with registration of names and armory; taught classes at a local schola.
  • Researched and documented the heraldic history of the Crown Province and its cantons.

Event Stewardship

East Kingdom Twelfth Night, Event Co-Steward January 2020

Whyt Whey Cloisters, Event Co-Steward September 2019

East Kingdom Coronation of Ǫzurr and Fortune, Event Co-Steward April 2019

Whyt Whey Cloisters, Event Steward September 2018

Projects and Publications

The Book of Traceable Heraldic Art October 2016–Ongoing

  • Created the Society’s largest collection of clip art for use by armorial heralds and scribes.
  • Gathered 5,000 illustrations from period manuscripts, Victorian books, and Society artists.
  • Wrote custom software to index and deliver images in web, vector, and printable formats.
  • Invested thousands of hours to create a resource now used for large portion of submissions.

Society Webministry Draft Handbook on Release Forms December 2020–December 2021

  • Corresponded with numerous officers in the East, in other kingdoms, and at Society level.
  • Documented existing policies and designed new forms for photos and creative releases.
  • Prepared draft handbook for review by Society Webminister and other Corporate officers.

Østgarðr Bylaws Committee August 2018–June 2019

  • Coordinated other contributors and served as the primary author of revised branch charter.

Orders and Awards

Østgarðr Order of the Seahorse December 2020

East Kingdom Award of the Burdened Tyger September 2019

An Dubhaigeainn Award of the Bronze Duck September 2019

  • For service as Event Steward of the Coronation of Ǫzurr and Fortune

East Kingdom Order of the Silver Crescent August 2018

Sovereign’s Award of Esteem April 2018

  • For service in the East Kingdom Webministry.

Østgarðr Order of the Sea Dog October 2017

  • For service to the Crown Province’s canton of Whyt Whey.

Award of Arms April 2017

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