Viceregal Letter of Intent

To the good populace of Østgarðr, greetings from Alienor and Mathghamhain.

As we enter the final year in office of Suuder Il-Khan and Lada Il-Khatun, their Excellencies have called for members of the populace to step forward as candidates for the Provincial Succession. In hopes of being of continuing service to Østgarðr and its people, we have decided to accept this challenge.

We have both spent much of the last decade in service — to our Canton, to the Crown Province, to the East Kingdom, and to the Society at large — and while we understand that the role of Viceregent is a unique commitment, it feels as though our past efforts have helped prepare us for this moment.

For those of you who might not know us as well as we’d like, the following provides a brief overview of our backgrounds in the Society:

• Alienor has been involved with the SCA since 1981, starting in Atlantia and Ansteorra before moving to Østgarðr in 1991. She practices numerous crafts, including narrow-work, sewing, wire work, calligraphy and illumination, as well as the bardic arts and archery. For years she coordinated the local Evening in the Solar and Bardic Circle gatherings. She is a companion of the Orders of the Silver Lantern, the Silver Crescent, and the Silver Brooch, among others. She has served as the Minister of Arts, Webminister, and Seneschal of the Canton of Whyt Whey, and as the Webminister of Østgarðr; she currently serves as the Seneschal of the Crown Province.

• Mathghamhain has been involved with the SCA since 2011, drawn in by the Pennsic camping experience before branching out into heraldry and youth combat. He created and maintains the Society’s largest collection of historical and publicly-licensed illustrations for use in heraldic submissions. He is a companion of the Orders of the Seahorse, the Silver Crescent, and the Sea Dog, among others. He has served as the Herald of Whyt Whey and of Østgarðr; and currently serves as the Seneschal of Whyt Whey, the Kingdom Marshal of Youth Combat, the Kingdom’s Elmet Herald, and deputy to the Society’s Morsulus Herald.

As we proceed through the coming period of candidacy and polling, we look forward to productive discussions with you all about your goals for the Crown Province through the next six years.

If you have any questions for us, please do not hesitate to ask, either directly, or during a local meeting, or at one of our upcoming in-person events.

Written by our hands at Tyddyn Ystradfflyr on the eve of the Feast of John Barleycorn,

Alienor Salton
Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin

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